Jeremiah Sandahl Pipes

started in 2011 when I discovered the relaxation of smoking a pipe could be surpassed only by satisfying my urge to create. Although briar and ebonite were a new medium of expression, I had known and appreciated the beauty of expression through Classical music, especially Bach, Chopin and Liszt and their concert pieces, which I enjoyed playing through my college years.

I began my pursuit of creating high grade pipes after the 2013 Chicagoland Pipe Show. It was at that show that I saw a path to success. I was to create a billiard with its unbending simplicity, and a blowfish to begin a free expression of the grain while maintaining the principles of line and flow. These two shapes make up the foundation of my creation.

My workshop is located on a beautiful piece of property 3 miles outside of Zimmerman, Minnesota. I can step outside my workshop and see all sorts of wildlife from deer and turkeys to sandhill cranes and bald eagles. The quiet setting provides both relaxation and inspiration.